She Won’t Let Her Skin Condition Interfere With Her Dreams

Here’s Shawna Lynne Grady. Shawna was born with a rare skin condition, but she won’t let her authentic self be held back by her outer shell. Shawna says…

My name is Shawna and I was born with a rare skin disorder called Ichthyosis. While it is certainly a big part of my life, it doesn’t define it… It’s something I have, but it’s not who I am. That being said, opening myself up to public scrutiny is something I have always struggled with. I love to sing – Music is absolutely my passion but I recognize that it is a severely image based industry. I also realize that such industries will never change if no one ever challenges them. So here it goes… this is me challenging you to listen rather than look… Here’s hoping you like what you hear.

Here’s her video:

Isn’t she amazing? Not only is Shawna an amazing singer, she is an amazing role model of authenticity, courage, and healing. Please take a moment to follow Shawna on You Tube and share this article with the world.

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  1. Beautiful! I can feel your passion as you sing. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

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