Snippets of Courage (Poem)

Snippets of Courage (Poem) - April Lee

snippets of courage.
are they enough?

he was drunk when he hit my car.
and sent me spinning vulnerably round and round.
reminder aches forty-one months later.


unschooling exploration and temporary lifestyle.
the day’s approach unfamiliar to most.
naturally curious, restlessly unsettled.


watching my father age, begin to falter.
complicated by self-induced confusion.
anticipating the inevitable outcome with sadness.


the evolution of two sons from infants to men.
their passions and their victories.
their obstacles and their angst.


letting go of the mother who held my heart within hers.
milestones and memories unspoken, unshared.
the mask of grief lingers.


“you’re just not that adventurous.”
the offhand comment settling in the depths of my soul.
pushing me to see more, do more, be more.


winding our way through the marital seasons.
unequaled bliss and alignment.
but at times clash and dissonance.


offering my uniqueness to the world.
a challenge to create entrepreneurial momentum.
the very pulse of the venture often too big for words.


snippets of courage.
are they enough?

capture the moments.
show strength in the moments.

rearrange the patterns.
ignore the uncertainties.
eliminate the detractors.
mix up the colors.
push through the impossibles.

be brave in those moments.
be bold in those moments.

transform suppression into opportunity.
helplessness into power.
stagnation into growth.

snippets of courage.

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April M. Lee

April M. Lee is a Certified Wellness Coach with a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. As an eating disorders aftercare coach, she mentors women who have recovered physically from anorexia or bulimia and are seeking a bold free new life without their illness. She has a background in cognitive-behavioral counseling, and has worked with adolescent and adult women with a variety of emotional eating issues for over 20 years. April is also a seasoned homeschooling parent with a nomadic lifestyle. To learn more about April and her unique coaching services, visit her global studio.

10 Responses

  1. Sora Garrett says:

    April, I adore this! And your website, too. I can tell we have much in common in manners of heart & I look forward to getting to know you better from our Winter of Joy launchpad! Thank you for doing the work you do.

  2. AncientAndGray says:

    Wow, April!! Very worth saying, and very well said!! Beautiful!! 🙂

  3. laura smith says:

    Lovely words April…. if you wish to please see my blog for more poems.

  4. Yve says:

    Beautifully complex and transformative sharing. Thank you… 🙂

  5. Beautiful words, April. And, yes, they are more than enough. In life, snippets (courage and otherwise) are all we have to grow fond over. Best make those worth it!

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