Loving My Mother Through Her Last Years

"She is my Mother. She birthed me and gave me life. And I will birth her into the next one."

I woke up with Johhny Cash on my mind. Singing cry cry cry…
I cry a lot.
I always have.
Not woe is me pity crying.
Crying with tenderness
Crying for the silver lining.
The deep heart connections,
The witness of another.

Right now I cry because I am “In it” with my Mother.
And … I cry because I am “not in it” with my Mother.
Aging is paradoxical…

On one hand, I want to give up everything and move in with my Mother and take care of her.
Ease her suffering.
Hold her hands.
Make her favorite meals.
And ask all the questions I have always had,
but somehow knew not to speak out loud.

And on the other hand, I want to never leave my home, my life, my love. I want time to stand still or go backwards.
I want my Mom back.

I want to spend hours listening to the stories she never shared.
I have heard so many of the painful horrific ones,
but I need the tender ones.
I need the soft memories that she stored in her heart,
so deeply buried and protected, no one could snatch them away
and tarnish their existence.

Because I want to know the softness of the woman who was so tough and strict and “all together”, I finally asked…
and she shared…

My mom plays the harmonica. She plays really well.
The last 10 years she played “gigs” as she likes to call them. She had numerous performances each month and had a lot of fun sharing her talent. I never knew who taught her to play. I just assumed someone had… Boy was I wrong.

She tells me the story of sneaking into her mother’s bedroom and stealing the harmonica off her Mothers dresser, then running as fast as she could out to the woods.

She had her favorite spot by the stream and she sat there all day playing one note over and over and over. Then the next. It took her almost a whole week of “sneak and play” but she got it.
She taught herself to play.

Her harmonica got her through many tough experiences.
As she tells this story, I cry.

I picture her as a little 6 year old child, in the woods making music by the water.

I feel her heart.
I feel her joy.
I see her innocence.
All superimposed onto her traitorous body and confused mind.
I see her sitting with her three kittens (another great story she shared): Mootsie, Tootsie, and Tar. I see her playing to them, and I see them rubbing against her bare, baby legs.
And again, I cry.

I love this woman.
I love her courage.
I love her tenderness.
I even love her anger as she screams at Father Time and his odd sense of right and wrong.

She is my Mother.
She birthed me and gave me life.
And I will birth her into the next one.

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Aniiyah Klock

Aniiyah Klock, LMT/RMT has a private practice and is the owner and main teacher at Sacred Waters School of Integrative Energy Medicine. In her personal life she is married, has two grown children, and rescues animals. She uses writing as a way to connect her internal world and her external world, and to process and ponder about the human experience. Find her on her website or her Facebook page.

4 Responses

  1. Jill Smithling says:

    Aniiyah this is beautiful. I can relate to every single word. As painful as this time is for you – I envy you. I long for days with my mom. Selfish of me as she was sick for a few years. But she was HERE. I could talk to her, hug her, kiss her, tell her how much she means to me and – she would be here tomorrow. Not forever gone from this world. Hugs to you and to your mom. Caring for her isn’t easy on the body or the soul but you will have no regrets knowing you have your all to the woman gave you her all. God Bless you and your family.

  2. Devorah Fox says:

    I’ve been doing some grieving and crying of my own lately so this was tough.

  3. This is so beautiful, touched my soul. My mom is aging and I don’t want her to leave. I really miss her as she was, too. Thank you, Aniiyah, for your insight.

  4. This is beautiful and a tear-jerker, like much of your writing. I love your vulnerability, Aniiyah. Thank you for being raw and brave.

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