Learning to Dance With Myself (A Poem)

Jasmine Farrell's beautiful poem about self-acceptance, self-love, and the beauty of learning to dance to her own rhythm.

I was the girl
yearning to dance
to the drum that played
when the sun began to peak its head,
weighed herself down by what she was taught
refused to be uplifted by what was in her heart.
No more.

I shimmy at sunrise, wiggle flowers
whenever rain storms drench petals.
Bounce my footsteps with the hissing
of the trees with the auburn autumn leaves.
It’s the little things, I guess.

Snap my fingers to the cracking
of acorns from heavy and sexy heels.
Slow dance when viewing
the color palette of dusk
and hum with the rising of the moon.
I don’t withhold self-love from myself

I was once the girl yearning to be herself.
Envied the creatures who radiated
sidewalks, clicking their shoes,
squeaking their sneakers
on pavements without apologies.
I walked lightly,
ashamed of my own footsteps.
Watched phoenixes soar through the winter breeze,
burn brightly during the autumn season
and rest on cherry blossom trees.
No more.

I adore my scarred wings in the morning
and polish my beak by noon.
Let the moonlight settle my soul
to hush night time thoughts.
Force the morning hush to reawaken
what cognitive dissonance
puts to sleep at night.
Get my shoulders ready for the sun ‘cause, hot damn,
I love to shimmy with life.

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Jasmine Farrell

Born in “the village” and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Jasmine Farrell is an author, poet, and co-editor of Poems from the Heron Clan Vol IV. She released her first book of poems in 2014, My Quintessence, about adolescent angst, self-acceptance, love and societal stances. Ms. Farrell's work has been featured in Poems from the Heron Clan III, appeared in the Nyack College’s literary journal, The Fine Print, and she has been a guest blogger for WomenWithGifts.com. Her second collection of poetry, Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis (PGAGD), about self -discovery, life transitions and society, will be released this year on April 24th. You can read the synopsis for PGAGD here. You can connect with her on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    What a magnificent post, made my heart get up and boogie! I love the feeling of liberation and breaking out of limitations that this poem inspires.

  2. This is gorgeous, Jasmine. Your words themselves feel like a sensual dance. I feel your journey deeply. Thank you for sharing.

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