In Passing (A Poem to My Never-Born Child)

In Passing (A Poem to My Never-Born Child) - Ken Dickson

Inspired by the vulnerable and open sharing by Marc Zuckerberg about the painful silence surrounding miscarriage, Ken has shared with us a poem he wrote about the child he never met. Written twenty years ago, this is the first time he is sharing this poem publicly.

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I saw you for the first time today
You were already gone
“Passed away,” the doctor said
Although the machines of technology could peer into your mother’s womb
They could not warn me of your stilled heart
I never knew you but I will always treasure
The plans we made and the short time we had together
I never saw you smile or heard you cry
You brought me joy and sorrow just the same
I will miss you my dear little child
I wish that I had known you more than just
In passing

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Ken Dickson

Ken Dickson is the author of two novels. Detour from Normal is the shocking true story of how our broken medical and mental health care systems robbed Ken of his life as a respected engineer and devoted family man, and landed him in a high security psychiatric ward. The Road to Amistad is a tale of betrayal and redemption; dreaming big and falling hard; and learning to heed life’s subtle messages. Ken lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Beth, and a motley crew of pets. He has two daughters attending college who never cease to amaze him. For information about Ken and his other writing projects, please visit his website.

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  1. This is such a brave, beautiful share. I admire your courage in showing us this part of your life, Ken. Hopefully this act of vulnerability will shine some light where there was only darkness.

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