Gracefully (A Poem About Walking Away)

Gracefully (a Poem About Loving and Leaving)

Watch… as I walk away

Refusing to stand in the thick quicksand beneath my feet
Sinking deeper and deeper into a life of loneliness
Foolishly walking blindfolded through the deceptions of love

Packing up the memories, folding them neatly, and simply moving on
Gently returning to you the shirt, the toothbrush, and the ingenious web of lies
Emerging from the darkness, freed by the truth

Watch… as I walk away


(Photo by Jes)

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Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris is the founder, poet, and creative director for Fashion Meets Poetry, LLC and author of Unveiled Beauty, her first published poetry book to be released this September 2016. Within the pages of Unveiled Beauty, Lisa takes a unique approach to her work by combining the art of fashion, photography, and poetry to capture an authentic and whole portrait of a woman. Alongside romantic poetry, Lisa boldly explores sensitive, social issues encountered by today’s women. Lisa believes, above all, women are stronger and more powerful than they view themselves to be and through her creative work, she hopes women will rediscover their own inner beauty. You can learn more about Fashion Meets Poetry and Lisa’s forthcoming book, Unveiled Beauty on her website, Fashion Meets Poetry or follow her on social media: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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