The Real Us needs your voice! If you’re interested in submitting to us, please read the guidelines below.

What to Submit

  • We accept republished as well as original content in many formats (i.e. poems, stories, letters, videos, etc.)
  • We only publish first-person experience, not advice, so we ask our writers to use “I” instead of “You” (unless you are writing to a specific person from your life/past)
  • We believe in accessible content (this means sharing emotions and experiences, rather than political/religious/philosophical theories about those experiences)
  • We prefer submissions under 1400 words, and please try to break up stories into paragraphs with 2-5 lines each
  • Like Robert Frost says, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” Let yourself go there. Be brave. Be authentic. Bare yourself as much as you think you can, and then bare yourself some more. Give us vulnerability. Give us the Real You.

How to Submit

  • Submit your work by email with the document, your bio, and a headshot (if you can, please add these as attachments, rather than pasting into the email).
  • For the bio, please keep it under 100 words. Feel free to include hyperlinks and to promote your products/services. Please reserve all self-promotion to the bio only (including book title mentions, products, services, etc.)
  • If you want, include a photo that you’d like to go along with the article. We prefer photos of people, so a heart-warming picture of yourself would be perfect! Ensure that the photo is landscape oriented and that you’ve got the rights to it (or it’s public domain).
  • When you’ve got everything ready, email it to submissions (at) therealus (dot) com.
  • All submissions, if they need edits, will be sent back to you for review before they are published.