Am I Bipolar or Waking Up? – How Mental Illness Set Me Free (Video)

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Sean Blackwell

Sean Blackwell is the creator of the YouTube video series, bipolarORwakingUP. He’s dedicated his life to introducing anyone who will listen to the spiritually healing aspects of what is normally labeled as bipolar disorder. Born in Toronto, he now lives with his wife Ligia in São Paulo, Brazil, because Canada was just too civilized. For more about Sean and his mission, go to his website or check out his book.

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  1. Deirdre Oliver says:

    How many people were not able to `get out’ and `get back’ but remain prisoners of psychiatry? Some would have been given `emergency ECT’ (shock treatment) – commonly given for `mania’ and increasingly so, and brain damaged for life. You were lucky in 2 ways, a) to have such an extraordinary experience and, b) that you didn’t become an institutionalised captive of the mental health system. Pity that the mundane minds of those who labelled you all as ill, cannot wonder at your experience and take heart over the amazing capacity of the human spirit.

  2. Tiffany Wirth says:

    I am sitting at my desk, 5 minutes into this video, crying, because I have experienced something so eerily similar. To the peeing incident, thoughts about it, childhood regression, growth, improved relationships, freedom & all. Wow. I too, had a (near death) accident just 3 weeks before my first ‘psychotic episode’ & 5 day hospitalization / bipolar II diagnosis (almost a year ago to the day). I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for the random stranger who pointed me to this group (Shades of Awakening on FB). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing — you make me feel ‘normal’ 🙂

  3. seanblackwell says:

    Thank you Vironika, I’ll be sure to share your terrific site on Facebook, etc…

  4. This story floors me. Partially because I’ve felt similar feelings (so I guess I’m bipolar too?) and partially because I am faced with the reality of what would have happened if I’d have taken myself to the hospital when I was awakening. Thank you for being you, being alive, and being brave enough to share your story and spread the word. You rock, Sean!

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