The Best $10 I Ever Spent at a Gas Station

Dorothy was standing in line at the gas station, ready to buy a lottery ticket, when she saw an opportunity to spend her $10 on something much better.

I had just gotten off from work and decided to stop at a gas station to buy some lotto tickets. I had a ten in my wallet and the cash prize was high.

There were several people in the gas station. The young man at the front of the line was asking the attendant where he could find his bank. He had just gotten a job in our city and needed to get to his bank to get some money out. All he had was a handful of change to get some gas.

After the people in line came to the conclusion that his bank was in another city, not ours, he looked like his world was falling apart.

There I was standing in line to purchase a stupid lottery ticket and this young man was trying to pay for gas with change!

I gave him the ten I had. I said, “Take it.” He could not believe it.

As he used the money to pay for his gas, the attendant said, “There are good people in the world!”

The young man gave me the biggest hug. It was as if I had given him a million dollars. I felt almost unworthy of the volume of gratitude he showed me that day. I held back the tears until I got to my car.

He made me feel like a life saver for just $10.

Actually, he is the one that gave me a gift.

(Photo by J. Scott Applewhite, AP)

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Dorothy Disrud

Dorothy Disrud is a passionate advocate for health and nutrition, presently working on publishing a vegan cookbook. Dorothy currently lives in Delavan, WI and is a wife, mother and grandmother. You can find her on her website

5 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    If only children around the world were taught that such simple actions of kindness and reciprocity should be the exception rather than the rule. And if we could have a socio-cultural system based more on cooperation than competition, in which gifts of money are unnecessary. A touching tale, like many others on this site illustrating the automatic boons of unselfish kindness for both giver and receiver.

  2. Carrie says:

    Sometimes we just need a bit of perspective to change our day – and someone else’s, too. This is so great!

  3. Evelyn says:

    Wonderful example of kindness and being doubly blessed. May this story inspire more acts of kindness.

  4. Joy Rains says:

    Thanks for your story, Dorothy! A great example of how much more gratifying giving can be than trying to “get” something for oneself.

  5. I love how simple and powerful your story is, Dorothy. There’s nothing like taking an opportunity to make a difference. Such a small thing, but such a huge impact!

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